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LISLE VILLAGES :: Mount Claremont :: Nedlands

Our Mission:

"To provide quality living in a secure environment at a reasonable cost, to meet the on-going needs of the community."

You deserve the best.

Retirement is a time to relax and leave the hard work to others. The challenge of working life and raising a family are past and now it's time for you.

People everywhere are discovering they can maintain their independence, and secure their future in retirement. Why not join them and experience the security and freedom that comes with living at Lisle Villages?

Lisle Villages' boast a truly unique position in Perth's suburbs. Mount Claremont is renown for its central, yet peaceful locality. The units are in a perfectly placed location to suit virtually every taste. Close to the city centre for easy transit, very close to the coast to enjoy some of the best beaches in the world and near the distinct semi-bush environment that is so unique to Mount Claremont.

Coupled with excellent public transport, clean coastal fresh air, summer sunshine and the time to enjoy it, the possibilities are endless.


Living Comfortably

Village Management:

The management and administration of Lisle Villages' is under the direction of a Board of Management. The General Manager appointed by the Board, leads trained staff who look after the day to day operations of the Village and attend to all maintenance, gardening and general business, and of course, assist in the co-ordination of the social activities.

While the maintenance fee covers daily operational costs, residents are responsible for their own electricity and telephone costs.


The Deferred Management and Refurbishment Fee:

This fee enables residents to enjoy the benefits of community life at a minimum cost. Residents facilities and 24 hour emergency call system and its monitoring are provided by way of deferring this charge over a period of years and deducting this amount from the final settlement payment, made when a resident leaves the Village.

Our aim is to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for our residents, while still maintaining our ideal of affordability. This is what sets us apart from many other establishments. Lisle Villages services a real and vital need in the community and we are focussed on providing that environment for all our residents.

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